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Friends of the PTC Dog Park


To apply for or renew your dog park membership, use this form to pay by PayPal or download an application to send in by mail with a check. The cost is $35 per year for Fayette County residents, or $45 per year for non-Fayette County residents.

By submitting payment, you attest that your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations, and you understand that you are fully responsible for cleaning up after your dog(s). You will work with other park patrons to make sure everyone has a wonderful dog park experience.

Fayette county residents
Annual memberships for Fayette County residents is $35.

Non-Fayette county residents
Annual memberships for non-Fayette County residents is $45.

Just visiting? Admission is only $1 per visit per family (up to 3 dogs at a time). Deposit your $1 in the green collection box at the park.

Forgot your $1? Pay here:

Join the park

Become a dog park member and save!

If you visit the dog park just once per week, you'll spend $48 per year*. A dog park membership would save you $3-13 per year—and you won't have to remember to bring $1 every time.

If you visit two or more times per week, a membership would save you even more!

*The dog park is free for everyone from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.

Join online today or download an application to send in by mail.