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Friends of the PTC Dog Park

Upcoming events


- We are currently soliciting bids to install drainage around the spigot in the main park area.

- The concrete base surrounding the spigot in the lower park and the concrete foundation of the bulletin board in the main park are failing. We are pursuing repairs of these issue and hope to have park members come forward to support the required work.

- The bulletin board in the main park is in dire need of a make-over. We have secured a suitable substrate that will enable enhanced utilization of the bulletin board.

- New signage has been installed and now clearly shows new visitors how to get to the dog park.

- We are now receiving an increased volume of mulch. Once our supplier deems the amount sufficient, the mulch will be spread throughout the park. For now, dogs are still enjoying the resulting "hills."


T-shirts are now available! You can buy these online, or send a check with your order form. When the weather warms, we'll set up tables at the park to sell the t-shirts, too. All proceeds are used to run, maintain, and improve the dog park!

Green t-shirt Orange t-shirt

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If you prefer to pay by check, print out our order form and send it to the address on the form.

The dog park is out of plastic grocery bags for the poop bag dispensers. Please bring your extras next time you come. We store extras in the green box near the large section entrance. Spread the word!